Research Communities

CreativeLab | Joint activities programs
  • Performance Analysis in Team Sports
STRONG Joint activities programs
  • Sports Performance and Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Biomechanical parameters, exercise and health
  • Effects of a short-term team handball based exercise programme on physical fitness, well-being and health status of untrained elderly men
  • Large-amplitude elongated body theory: a study on human swimming
  • High-intensity exercise: physiological profile and adaptations
  • Physical exercise, fitness and activity in Chronic Kidney Disease
GERONJoint activities programs
  • Physical activity, exercise and health throughout the life cycle with special focus on the elderly
  • Dynamic relationship between motor competence development and health
  • Passus Saudáveis – Peripheral Arterial Disease
  • Motivational determinants of Sedentary Behaviour, Physical Activity and Healthy Lifestyle and motivational determinants of dropout, persistence and well-being in sport