Pedro Ferreira Guedes de Carvalho

Pedro Ferreira Guedes de Carvalho

Pedro Ferreira Guedes de Carvalho

Institution: ISMAI

Community: GERON

Research: Integrated

Pedro Guedes de Carvalho was born in Porto, Portugal (1951). He is a researcher at CIDESD-ISMAI, participating in several projects with different groups and institutions. Research interests focus in the field of applied economics, in particular the evaluation of the impact of sports events and the definition of sports and health public policies. He has published several articles in peer review journals, as well as some book chapters and books usually in partnership with international fellows.

He is actually Coordinating 2 Sport Management programs at ISMAI (BsC and MsC). He has 3 years’ experience at the University of Beira Interior as Sports Science head of department and 8 years as Dean of the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences.

He also has 9 years’ experience in International Organizations for Sports and Physical Education such as member of the Executive Council of International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education. He is President of International Society for Comparative Studies of Physical Education and Sport.

His research interests are Applied Economics in sports; analysis of social networks, public policies, regional development, organizational coaching and comparative studies in sport.

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